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Magnatex MAXP Series- Mag Drive High Temperature Pump

HIgh Temperature Pump-MAXP Series
  • ANSI
  • Excellent for High Temperature service.
  • Maximum Flow: 2000 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 470 Feet
  • Temperature: -150°F to 800°F
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  Magnetic Drive MAXP Series of pumps has been engineered to fully conform to ANSI B73.3 standards. Its rugged construction and proven design features make it ideal for use in chemical installations.  
Magnatex MPH Series- Mag Drive High TemperaturePump

High Temperature Pump-MPH Series
  • Excellent for High Temperature service.
  • Maximum Flow: 150 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 190 Feet
  • Temperature: -40° to 535°F
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  MPH Series- Mag Drive Pumps designed for low flow, medium to high head, high-temperature applications. MPH Series pumps save valuable space and eliminate alignment problems  
Magnatex 3575 Series- Mechanical Seal High Temperature Pump

High Temperature Pump-3575 Series
  • Maximum Flow: 5000 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 720 Feet
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Temperature: –350°F up to +700°F
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  Heavy duty, rugged, world class quality, ANSI process pumps manufactured to meet the latest ASME B73.1-2001 standard (revision of ASME B73.1M-1991).  

MMP Series Pumps

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