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Elminiate the need to replace corroded metal
baseplates under your process pumps!

Magnachem™ Baseplates

Magnatex® Pumps, Inc. offers a new line of Quartz Ceramic Cast Magnachem™ Baseplates for long service life and perfect alignment every time. Every Magnatex® Pump is laser aligned before it leaves the factory.

Compared to fabricated steel baseplates, Magnachem™ Baseplates:

  • Are flat to within .002"/ft which ensures perfect pump and motor alignment every time
  • Feature completely rigid quartz ceramic cast construction
  • Provide a broad range of chemical resistance
  • Cost significantly less

Magnachem™ Baseplates include:

  • Threaded grout holes for easy installation
  • A drip rim around the entire baseplate for effective containment
  • A catch basin with a threaded drain connection under the pump stuffing box/seal chamber area to safely transfer controlled leakage
  • Trapped thru holes in each corner of the baseplate to facilitate stilt mount installations

Magnachem Baseplates

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