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Magnetic Drive Fluoropolymer Lined Pumps
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Magnatex ME Series

Magnatex®/ Texel® ME Series sub-ANSI pumps are dependable, durable, replaceable liner, magnetic drive pumps. They are the solution for low to medium flow, corrosive fluid applications. These pumps provide a lifetime of maintenance-free operation with low initial cost and low total cost of ownership. Replaceable liners make repairs easy and inexpensive without special tooling required. Sealless design helps eliminate “Reportable Release” issues.

MAGNATEX® ME Series Specifications

Maximum Flow 90 GPM
Maximum Head 140 FT
Liquid Temperature 32°F to 195°F
Maximum Power3 HP
Connections125lb RF Flanges
BearingsC-PTFE, G-PTFE, SiC, Carbon
ShaftCeramic SiC
Maximum Working Pressure70 psig
SpeedsUp to 3550 rpm
MagnetsRare Earth
MotorNEMA or IEC Frame Mounted

High Pressure Pump

ME Series Diagram

ISO 9001:2008 Certification
ISO 9001:2008 Certification