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Magnatex MTA Series -Mag Drive

MTA Series
  • ANSI
  • Maximum Flow: 320 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 285 Feet
  • Temperature: 5° F -275° F
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  Texel® MTA Series sealless,feature a transfer molded, mechanically attached PFA lining that is thicker and more uniform than most rotomolded linings. Ideal for high purity applications  
Magnatex ME Series -Mag Drive

  • Maximum Flow: 90 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 140 Feet
  • Temperature:32° F - 195° F
  • Working Pressure: 70 psig
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  Texel® ME Series are dependable, durable lined magnetic drive pumps. They are the solution for low to medium flow corrosive fluid applications.  
Magnatex MST Series - Mag Drive

MST Series
  • ANSI
  • Maximum Flow: 140 gpm
  • Maximum Head: 260 Feet
  • Maximum Temperature: 250° F
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  MSTSeries- Magnetic Driven Pumps Feature extremely rugged design, virgin PFA injection molded casing, sealless, SiC rear casing, designed to ANSI dimensions. Rear casing can be flushed for solids.  

MMP Series Pumps

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