Internal Gear Pumps - PDL

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Sealless, sealed, or packed box PDL Series gear pumps are avilable for a wide range of applications in several material and diver configurations (see the separate PDS models for smaller pumps, including fractional sizes).

Magnatex® PDL Series

Positive displacement pumps for a wide range of applications in several material and driver configurations. (See separate PDS Series literature for smaller pump models, including fractional-sizes.)

  • Ideal for high-viscosity liquids
  • Used in process found in the chemical, Petrochemical, refining and other industrial markets as well as OEM’s
  • Available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel materials;internal component materials selected by application
  • Robust, modern design with standard 180° inlet/outlet configuration; 90° suction/discharge configuration available
  • Mechanically sealed (single, double and cartridge), packed box, and sealless, magnetically driven models available as appropriate for the application requirements or customer preference
  • Suitable for direct or gear reducer drives, long- or close-coupled
  • API 676 2nd edition compliant with limited comments
  • Front and rear jackets for fluid heating or cooling available; electric heating optional
  • Self-priming capable to the limitations of the application
  • ntegral, bypass relief valve available and recommended
  • Bi-directional pumping by changing motor rotation and relief valve orientation
  • Convenient clearance adjustment
  • Easy access to internal components from either side for maintenance when required
  • Back pull-out design for long-coupled pumps with spacer coupling allows ease of maintenance when needed
  • Both horizontal and vertical mounting (with special provisions and proper location in the system)

Long-coupled assembly with gear reducer

Cast iron or steel with bypass relief valve

MagnaTex® PDL Series Specifications

Configuration Sealed or Packed Box Sealess, Mag-Drive Sealed, Economy
Model Designation PDL PDM PDE
Maximum FLow 1100 GPM 400 GPM 220 GPM
Maximum Allowable
Working Pressure (MAWP)
Up to 235 PSI for smaller sizes Up to 235 PSI for smaller sizes Standard smaller models up to 235 PSI;special option up to 365 PSI available
Maximum Liquid Temperature 482° F 482° F 302° F
Maximum Viscosity Up to 250,000 cSt Up to 10,000 cSt Up to 7,500 cSt
Maximum Speed Up to 1750 RPM for smaller sizes Up to 1750 RPM for smaller sizes Up to 1750 RPM for smaller sizes
Connection Options ANSI flanged up to 8";Internal threaded to 1-1/2" in CI or steel, 2-1/2" in stainless available ANSI flanged up to 6";Internal threaded to 1-1/2" in CI or steel, 2-1/2" in stainless available ANSI flanged up to 4";Internal threaded to 1-1/2" available
Seal Type Mechanical seal (-S) or packing (-P) Sealless, magnetically driven
(all with 316SS rear casing)
Mechanical seal (-S) or packing (-P)
Materials of Construction Available Cast iron*, steel, stainless steel Cast iron, steel, stainless steel Cast iron
Magnet Materials N/A Neodymium up to 265°; Samarium Cobalt for higer temperatures N/A
Typical Services High-viscosty, clean liquids, including oils, lubricants, paints, fatty acids, vegetable and animal fats, soaps Ideal for similar liquids noted for PDL models where atmospheric interface should be eliminated Primarily, non-abrasive and lubricating liquids

*8" model offered in ductile iron

Pump Dimensions

PDL Series pumps are available in a number of configurations including long-coupled to a direct-drive motor, long-coupled to a reducing gear or gear motor, or close-coupled to reducing gear drive, as well as close-coupled, direct drive. Specific dimensional drawings will be provided for individual proposals similar to the illustration below:

Close-coupled, direct-driven, mag-drive PDM model

Long-coupled with gear reducer