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Magnetic Drive Sealless Polypropylene Pumps

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Magnetic drive, sealless, medium-duty, polypropylene thermoplastic pumps, designed for chemical transfer applications. Simple construction allows for economical first cost and ease of maintenance. Sealless design helps eliminate "Reportable Release" issues.

Magnatex® MEP Series

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Material of Construction

  • Polypropylene

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MAGNATEX® MEP Series Specifications

Maximum Flow 106 GPM
Maximum Head 103 FT
Liquid Temperature Maximum 175° F
Maximum Power 5 HP
Connections Drilled for DIN and ANSI Flanges
Bearings Carbon, C-PTFE
Shaft Ceramic
Maximum Working Pressure 55 psig
Impeller Enclosed
Speeds Up to 3550 rpm
Magnets Rare Earth
Motor NEMA or IEC Frame Mounted